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  • Got an email from Jonny good support for the theme he gets back to you within a day:

    I am working on create a new version of Panda theme for TB, it will get released soon, please wait for a while if you are not in a rush of fixing the visual problem of loyalty rewards module. If find any more compatibility problems, please let me know.

    Best regards.

  • Yes, he seems committed to support TB :) Good news as for me, he has the best templates and even most important, the best technical support I ever seen.

  • Yes, @rubben1985 it’s very good!
    Found a lot of good info just on his envato replies.
    Think I went with version #4.
    Can’t seem to get the index page the way I like looking like the rest of the pages.
    I want to get straight to the shopping!
    Hooks and all I guess. Theme offers so many options I have most turned off.
    Another learning curve!

  • I’ve been looking at this theme, as well as a few others, but what worries me is when I do speed tests and run the HTML5 validator on them, the results are nowhere near as good as the default community theme. These themes might look good, but you could be losing sales if they are slower and not as good for SEO. I’m leaning towards using the community theme and adapting that to suit my needs.


  • Yes I felt the same and may eventually go back to the default them if it becomes more customizable because it will be built right for TB

    I just felt I needed more customization for now from the default but I was concerned panda would be bloated with so many options but with all the cache settings turned off it seems to load just fine.

    I use LTE for my internet which many people will be using to browse. I’m not getting worked up over speed tests.

    Of course I don’t have 30,000 items either but it’s nice having all these different options to personalize.

    Will work on the SEO and speed things later on. I just want to get it live.

  • My reason to use panda is just customization. I do not mind loosing a little bit of performance if shop is easy customizable

  • @vzex @rubben1985 @spidawebs Jonny Li is excellent with tech support! Absolutely superb. He also has, as @vzex said, a lot of questions already answered in his envato forums. I sort the forum posts there by latest and from authors and buyers first (paraphrasing that part for now).

    Dekker has discussed speed tests (and told me to stay the hell away from them. LOL!) because I was getting so tangled up, I froze and didn’t work on my site for a week.

    Suggested reading! @lesley wrote an in-depth blog post with comparisons and full explanations: PageSpeed is dead -

  • Does anybody know how the theme update for tb is going?

  • Last I heard on Aug 25, 2017 the first beta might be ready Sept 1 haven’t heard anything since then.

    I’ve finished merging all changes what TB team did to front office, if everything goes will, the first beta version will ready on next Friday.
    Best regards.

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