Ask for a Quote (devis) Module v4.2 compatible

  • I have checked with the developers of “Ask for a Quote (devis) Module” and they said the following:
    “We checked with thirty bees and our module version 4.2 works with it out of the box.” This is current for Thirty Bees v1.0.2
    I can finally start transitioning from that broken software they call magento, lol.

  • I really hope someone can write an Ask for Quote Module for Thirty Bees that is identical to the devis module. They said they only make the module for prestashop, so I can imagine that at some point it will not be compatible with TB anymore. This module is a crucial part of my business and without it I would not be able to use TB. This is the only point that makes me hesitant on using Thirty Bees. Crossing fingers and really hope that Thirty Bees is successful because I really can’t stand Magento 2.

  • I am sure they will offer thirty bees support fully in the future, it would be crazy for them not to.

  • @mak that is a problem that will always be there. No one is quarantee you that they will support it for ps 1.8 or 1.9 or… I am currently on 1.6.0.xx and I am not willing to upgrade to 1.6.1 because with ps you will never know what will break As soon as my hosting server upgrades my mysql I am moving to tb. I am sure as soon as tb has the userbase everybody will be supporting it.

  • @mdekker My moto is “don’t fix it if it;s not broken” I have made quite a few modifications trying to fix some issues with 1.6.0.x with a lot of help from nemo. The main issue was to make the site more mobile friendly. So I got the transformer theme. I did a test update and the issue I was having was (maybe a cookie issue) that random points it would not log me in or out. So I asked myself “what will I gain and what will I loose?” I would loose a lot of time testing/bugfixing and I would (maybe) gain a bit of speed that together with potential new problems made me deside to not loose my time and wait for my server to be ready for tb. That is something that is worth my time.


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