How can I change the locale for the Smarty date_format function ?

  • Hi guys,

    might be a stupid question (I hope !) but I am unable to make french work with the Smarty date_format option on my server.

    I’ve read everything about having to ‘setLocale’ in PHP before using it but it does not work ?

    On my local setup (my OSX computer) it does work in french with the same ThirtyBees configs (french Canadian language pack with fr_CA locale code) without having to do anything.

    I have the following locales installed on my linux server: en_US.utf8, fr_CA.utf8 and fr_FR.utf8 but using the setLocale does not work, maybe I am doing it wrong ? I tried to do it in my controller’s initContent and it was a no go.

    Please make me feel bad and prove me it was a simple fix 😉

    Thanks !

    P.S. I am parsing a podcast feed and want to format the dates…

  • Well nevermind I found it.

    PS_LOCALE_LANGUAGE in the configuration table was set to english… changed it for french since my site is not multilingual.


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