How do you solve this shipping problem

  • Hi all!
    We send all goods out from UK to the rest of the world. Up to 2 kg is no problem, Royal Mail is used. Over 2 DPD is used. No here is the problem. These two carriers see the world differently. Their zones does not look the same. If I create new zones based on Royal Mail, I can end up paying a lot myself if it must go with DPD

    Can this be solved somehow

  • When we used Opencart we could create Geozones that was carrier dependent. That solved all problems

  • One country can be in only one zone so you can have the following:

    You will have to pick out those exceptions and place them in separate zones and then apply proper costs from the carrier menu. It’s the same when you have different countries in one zone but some of them are in EU and the rest are outside. The ones in EU must have VAT included and the rest should have not VAT on their service. Let’s say they are in Zone 5 - just make “Zone 5 EU” (which include VAT) and then make “Zone 5 rest” (which does not show ‘incl. VAT’ label)

  • We use exactly the same - Royal Mail and DPD. We solved it by entering weights for all our items (we have about 10,000, but it didn’t take as long as you would think - just uploaded them on a spreadsheet), then you can set exact prices for each zone depending on the weight.

  • @spidawebs how do you solve that DPD has 5 different zones in Europe? And RM 2.

  • @Havouza Just put the Royal Mail costs in up to 2KG for the countries in that zone and the DPD costs in for over 2KG. It doesn’t matter if you break European countries up into 5 zones, just enter the same Royal Mail cost for the same zones.

  • Yes of course. I just think backwards. Thanks

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