Change Category pages from List View to Grid View

  • At the moment the default for viewing products on category pages is list view. How do I make it grid view instead? And is it possible to remove the list view option altogether? I think the products look a lot better when they are displayed in a grid.

  • As far as I remember, I did change it from grid to list 😃 It’s really long ago, but I am quite sure, that I had to change the global.js file. So it’s theme related…

  • Panda theme allows this in theme editor!
    Just did this myself!

  • I’m using the community theme. On PS the default used to be Grid View but TB seems to be List View which I don’t like

  • @spidawebs
    I do not know if the change Grid and List view is still under discussion. If you use the default theme, you can actually make the changes in the theme module.
    If you want to see the change afterwards, you must clear the cache, and it is essential to delete the cookies.

  • @spidawebs The tb default theme starts with grid view. You can override that by changing the setting, but the theme also remembers your preference once you have selected list or grid via the icons.


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