What's the best way to optimize product pages?

  • As I said I never touched magento neigher am I an expert on this topic. At some point I guess @lesley who is an expert on this will write some articles about this

  • @nickon When i’ve made a choise between PS and Magento, there was one thing which lead to edge PS over Magento: it was noted everywhere, that ANY Magento installation NEED to get additional coding. So, as a lazy man, i’ve decided to value my time and not to dive deeply in the coding.

    Summarizing all that, i’ve chose TB/PS because it has not so high entrance price, having a lot of features at the same time.

  • @DaoKakao Thats exaclty what I also did. I tried cs-cart for a few days but found it to difficult to use. The only thing that I realy liked about it was the mass editiing and the flexebility of the checkout. But as you said I too am to lazy to learn something new 🙂

  • To optimize the product/service page do SEO: on-page and off-page i.e., blog posting, guest blog, blog commenting and social media engagement.

  • @mockob said in What's the best way to optimize product pages?:

    From my experience with my current ps 1.5 shop it is hard to optimize product pages for search engines. The only thing that google sees is the meta title and description, nothing about long description. I made my short description as rich snippet but what about the description, google doesn’t care about it. For my products I have decent unique descriptions, some are more than 1000 words. Submitted manually the pages in webmaster tools etc.

    Is it true that product page content isn’t properly indexed for SEO in tb? It seems hard to imagine.

  • @30knees it’s about my ps 1.5 shop. I can’t say about tb since I don’t have store yet. But I must say it should be way better than ps1.5 because the image alt tags, Json module or rich snippets, including review ratings etc … all things I had to manually add to my ps shop. How the content on the product pages is handled I can’t tell yet, but I hope it’s better.

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  • @wyzrahman this mean UX and UI are important right?

  • There are some ways to follow to optimize product site pages
    First, follow the conventional SEO wisdom
    Use Data
    Be Consistent
    Include Product Reviews
    Add High-Quality Images/videos
    Include Product Customization Options And Outstanding Calls-to-action
    Improve Your Page Speed
    Include Product Suggestions

  • To optimize the product pages you can follow these steps:

    Optimize your title tags and use unique meta descriptions
    Use descriptive headers for clarity.
    Link to internal pages to create a good internal linking structure.
    Use image alt attributes.
    Never copy product descriptions from other sites.
    Use rich snippets.


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