Features not importing with csv since 1.0.2

  • I just found out that none of the features have been importing since I upgraded to 1.0.2. I know, I should have noticed sooner, but the problems I had with the imports in 1.0.3 made me look closer at the products. Instead of using the features in the upload it is defaulting to the features of the first product. I noticed also in the upload matching the features have this as the header: Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized) instead of : Feature (Name:Value:Position). What do I need to do to fix this?

  • Hi,
    This new Name:Value:Position:Customized was in ps 16116. The new value add “Customized”, have value 0 and 1. 0 - value is defined , or 1 value is custom. Problem I see is feature not imported for eatch product. In my case the import put the same feature of first product at all product imported by csv. If U have some solution if this please post

  • I added a 1 to the string for each feature. It is putting the features in as custom, but at least they are there.


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