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  • Hello

    Is there any ERP system, which is working with thirtybees?

    How are you handling your stock managament?

  • yesss im looking for this as well, to sync up stocks between multiple shops

  • In Russia there’s payable 1S which has CRM/stock/bookkeeping management features and has some 3-part modules for it integration with PS 1.6x

    Is supports international standards and at least MRP II spec. This is more than enough upto big-size enterprize.

  • @mdekker that would be great if erpnext can integrate, but there is a different language based. i have been used erpnext for a couple month for my another project on field. but it still need root permission to make it live on server. so i decide to using offline installer in my laptop until now.

    @wakabayashi better if you have enough knowledge, you can installing both on cont*bo cloud hosting (maybe there is just my opinion).
    i have trying a couple month a go to installing both manually. but i give up because i dont understand about the linux based installation I am so dumb about it . so i back into my old cloud hosting :D.

  • @wakabayashi I use Inventory Planner (think I may have posted about this before) which is absolutely brilliant for creating purchase orders and receiving stock. It works perfectly with TB.

    [](link url)

    erpnext looks interesting and would be a lot cheaper for smaller businesses so I’ll take a look at that and see how it compares.

  • that looks good, except the price is a bit to much

  • To be honest I haven’t any experience with ERP Systems. ERPnext seems to be very powerful and it would be a logical solution for thirtybees. I assume an interface between tb and erpnext would be very complex, right?

    Why are we thinking about ERP?

    • We sell many bundles and have no control about the stock.
    • There is no warning system, when the stock drops under a critical level.
    • When we get a delivery from our supplier, we have to change all stock informations by hand.
    • We have no history at all about goods movements (IN and OUT)

    It seems, that there is no intergration for PS right now:

    @spidawebs thx for the reminder. I really forgot about this option.

  • @wakabayashi if you where is Greece we could make somthing work 🙂 A friend sells an erp system that connects to ps. So tb would not be an issue.But as I said that for here in Greece .Don’t know if there is an international support for it

  • @mdekker , I think not 🙂 Pylon (as the program is called) is a windows based program that is based on the Greek tax system that (altough improved the last years) is a big mess. If I should recommend it then a whole new set of issues arise such as installing, training, support etc. Anyone who is living in Greece and wants to give it a try I could get him the contact information and to some testing. All I know at this point is that it is connected to PS (whatever that means). So it would be easy to make it play with tb 1.0.xx

  • Do you have something specific in mind that I should ask?

  • This is actually what I lack the most in Prestashop.

    • Help with purchase orders and order suggestions
    • Easy way of accepting and scanning incoming goods
    • Support for handheld device with scanner
    • Picklist
    • Possible to make sales reports

    I know Prestashop do have integrations with Dolibarr and Openerp but I really don’t know how good they are?

    I haven’t found the ERP I am looking for yet (I know a Swedish one that’s great but it’s $550/month). Its Based on acumatica which is pretty expensive too what I have learned. But this is way to much for me.

  • There’s VERY powerfil/feature-rich solution suitable for your needs. I talking about IDEMPIERE
    There’s one small “contra”: it does not have an integration with PS/TB now.
    However, it definitely could be integrated with virtually everything - i saw a comlete step-by-step guide of integrating with virtuemart.

    It is opensource and free and have large community.

    Dolibarr and openERP are notning but toys with bogus functionality in free version.

  • @briljander I have managed to get all of these things setup with three external third parties.

    For automatically generating purchase orders, seeing purchase suggestions and complete sales history of every SKU we use Inventory Planner

    For receiving goods you can either receive them off the purchase order, or do what we do and scan the goods in using the module we use for our POS This also print barcodes with prices which we stick on the goods - useful for instore and for picking orders so you pick the right code.

    For picklists and despatch we use Mintsoft They integrate with all the couriers so we print all orders from there, pick, scan the barcode on the order, scan the product barcodes (which checks the correct item has been picked) and it automatically prints the correct shipping label (works out which courier it should go depending on size/weight/cost) and despatches the order. The whole packing process now takes seconds. We’ve doubled the number of parcels a person can pack in a day.

    OK, so all this costs a few hundred dollars a month but any business who is at the stage of requiring all these features will surely easily get this back in a day or two through the increased productivity, perfect stock levels and all the reporting.

    It took a while to find all these solutions and it’s a shame some of them aren’t part of PS/TB, but now we have them I wouldn’t even think about going back. They’ve revolutionised our business.

  • If there would be an integration with erpnext, that would be really slick. I think they also provide great features regarding like CRM and accounting. The only problem with it i have seen, is that their online shop doesn’t seem complete and is hard to customize. So i think they would also benefit from it, eventhough they have a working shopify integration. They do also have a complete RESTful API as far as I remember.

    At least it is the easiest to use, while still being feature rich, open source ERP I have seen after some time of research on that subject.

  • @rand0m do you have practical experience with erpnext? I have no experience with any erp system. I don’t know what is good, what is needed. That’s why it’s hard for me to push any interface project. If somebody is experienced and would initiate a crowdfunding campgain, I would surely support.

  • Sadly no, and even if, I’m just a student with genuine interest in the matter helping out relatives who run a small business. So I doubt my experience would benefit you that much. But nevertheless, these are the features I found helpful for what we were searching for:

    • basic CRM features: creating leads and opportunities and promote them to customers, creating quotations, having all the communication between them and you displayed in a timeline, which includes mails, phone and documents

    • stock management: so stock entry, supply orders, receipts and reorder levels and quantities for automation purposes

    • analytics: they provide different reports concerning taxes and profits

    as far as i remember you could also setup their accounting system so that it would satisfy at least german standards and they also have a POS system.
    They have a demo site at, credentials are ‘’ and ‘demo’. Open Source ERP is hard to find, especially if you want something that has so many useful features and suffices modern technical standards.
    Also I think that it should help small companies as well as bigger ones, because you can use these features separately and setup different users with different access rights.

  • @spidawebs

    Thanks a lot for a very kind and informative message.

    I checked inventory planner earlier from your previous message. My concern there is that I would like to have 50000-100000 products. We are selling spareparts and even though we only have 2000 in stock there is to much work as our procedure is as of today, when a customer asks for a product we add it to Prestashop. In the feature I would like them all imported by fIle. But with 50k products inventory planner is pretty expensive, especially when most of the products will never get sold.

    This automisation would be great but we started only 5 months ago and don’t have that turnover yet to pay these prices.

    I think I have to find some middleway with price and features. But the manual way we order goods and keep track of orders today is not a procedure we can stay with for too long cause it generates to many human errors and also takes to much time.

    Again, thanks for sharing your way of working.


  • bump did anyone find something that already works with TB ?

  • I’ve tried install odoo conector from webkul and no problem, but I don’t know if odoo fit your needs

  • What we use as an ERP is our economy system, it’s not the perfect solution since the integration modules thats out there use a “hackish” way to save the data for combinations, since there stock management system cant handle combinations so every combination is created as a product.

    This required unique references on products, else it wont work in the end.

    e-conomic or reviso.

    There is 2 ways to integrate a payed option called, or - last one dos not work with reviso, IEX should work with both.

    IEX gives you live sync, so with in 1-2 mins after making a sale it will push out new stock numbers, but is based on a monthly subscription base and required a minimum fee of €25 - if you want the stock sync.

    The other module requires you to use cron, but is based on a one time payment model


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