Warehouse Theme Working

  • I purchased the warehouse theme from Themeforest and from what I can tell everything has been working.

    The developer said he is in contact with members of the ThirtyBees team so hopefully this will keep working even with changes proposed further down the road.

  • administrators

    Great news!

  • That is a nice theme, glad to hear it.

  • How are things going now that a little time has passed? Have you had any compatibility problems?

    Have you tried various Thirty Bees cache settings, and were there any issues there? In the admin panel it is written that themes must be TB 1.0.x compatible in order to enable Combine/Compress/Cache options so I’m curious if that worked okay?

    Sorry for so many questions! I’m specifically interested in this theme and would be very thankful for any feedback current users may be able to share.

  • @ericchaffey
    How did you work?

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