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home surveillance software surveillance software What is the best open source video surveillance software? I’m looking for software that has/ can be easily modified to: Send a live video feed to a server, and if motion is detected on the camera, send an alert and the video feed back to a monitor at the site of the camera. You can give it a test run in less than 10 minutes. Given that you have Ubuntu or Mac OS installed. You could use another linux but the instructions are written for Ubuntu. It has the ability to save to WebM and MP4. Streams are done over WebSocket. Not MJPEG DOM elements in popups. Motion detection is still a work in progress. It does standard recording and streaming at the moment. (it is less than 2 months old at this point) You can depend on Gold Lock 3GTM to instantly encrypt your calls, file transfers and text messages even when making International calls. No VOIP provider is necessary. Protection is provided across all methods of Internet access including 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WI-FI and more link text

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