Paypal module doesn't work

  • It is not a US issue. I have used it before with US accounts, so I’m sure you can use the REST api.

    The developer subsite ( has an API calls section for both the live and sandbox environments that show what is going on.

    Error found in the API log? Correct the error and try again.
    No entries in the log at all? Ask your host to enable and debug remote connections.

  • This is what I see in live api calls:
    /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles 27 Aug 2017 03:05:38
    /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles/XP-UQYK-SW7M-HJSF-VN9U 27 Aug 2017 03:05:38
    /v1/payment-experience/web-profiles/XP-SJ3H-CY2Y-DK75-AUL3 27 Aug 2017 03:05:37

    Paypal checkout seems to be working.
    But - proceed to checkout - on payment page - it simply shows this:
    “No payment modules have been installed.”

    It seems to be that is the website or module issue rather than issue with connections.

  • Check modules->Payment and see if the Paypal module is activated for your currency, group, country and carrier

  • Hi,

    Finally it works. The payment standards finally shows up on payment page - only after I disable Website Payments Plus.
    Lookslike Website Payments Plus ruined it when it is enabled.


  • I think that comes when Paypal Payment plus is not working in your country. I had the same problem here in Cyprus

  • This post is deleted!

  • This happens also with the TB module

  • Hello I have the same problem, the module don’t appear in the checkout…
    I have this message:
    In order to provide the best checkout experience, all profiles have to be loaded and available.
    *Unfortunately, some profiles are missing:
    Website Payments Standard:
    Website Payments Plus:
    Express Checkout:

  • Did you activate one of those modules in the configuration page of the plugin?

  • Hello,
    no it’s when I upgrade my store prestashop to thirty bees, after the upgrade all it’ ok but the paypal module don’t work don’t apper in the hook paiement order,

    appear in the other hooks, like button action product or footer product, but the windows paypal don’t open when I click on buttons.

    I have uninstall and reinstall the module but it’s the same, I’m desapointed because my official store stay on prestashop…

    I’ve installated other store with thirtybees 1.0.3 and the paypal module work correctly…

  • I’m damned! I just tested pay on my store thirty bees 1.0.3 and the paypal module don’t work… I have this message:

    Erreur(s) survenue(s)
    Authentication failed due to invalid authentication credentials or a missing Authorization header.

    someone can help me?

  • Are you sure your creditials are right?

  • hi what is creditials?

  • Credentials. 🙂 The module needs to be able to login to the PayPal API. It’s the “CLIENT ID” and “SECRET” in the configuration page of the module. Make sure you have the right ones, because there are one for Sandbox and one for Live use. You can find those in

  • sorry I’m french ^^

    Yes I know that, in module I have put my client id and the secret code, but the module don’t work, I have test with alls config settings in module, but nothing work…

  • I am a little disappointed, because I worked a lot on the CSS theme,
    and a big part of the translations of the modules in French,
    which I will then share on the forum.

    I will install the latest version thirtytbees 1.0.4 because the update from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 don’t work.

  • I haven’t been able to get the PayPal module working since I migrated my store.
    The stripe module works great so it hasn’t been a big deal for me but I get the following error:
    Error(s) occurred
    Invalid request - see details

    And then it proceeds to give me no details to see, lol.
    Does anybody know where I might find the reason for this?
    Is there a log for this module?

    edited to add
    The PayPal module 6.0.0 beta 4 seems to connect properly and isn’t giving me this error.
    Is anybody using the beta on a live shop without issues?


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