Cant change logo

  • I have migrated a PS shop and one problem has turned up. I want to change the logo. But if I upload a new one with different name, I just get the camera picture. Even if I upload the original one with changed name. The problem is that I want to use a logo with transparent background so it need to be a .png. But it refuse. If I delete the original one the image info on the camera picture is still from the deleted one

  • Did you tik in preferences>images the both jpg and png option? Dont know if thats the problem, but maybe it helps.

  • I did. and no help. And I can change the logo only if it has the same name and format. All others fail. I thied to find where in the db the info is saved but no luck

  • Check that you are not seeing cached version of the logo.
    After you upload a new logo check the img folder for a new file that start with the name of your shop + “-logo-” + timestamp.
    Also try open your browser in incognito mode.

  • Done all that. Emtied all caches Even taken away the file from the folder. When I do the camera comes. When I put back a img with the same name it comes up correct. If I upload the original one with new name camera comes up

  • Can you give me access to your BO?

  • Hi: Is posibol change size for mobile logo?

  • normally it changes automaticly

  • Thank you very much for your answer, I’m trying to set up a page with a template that is not the default and in the mobile version the search bar covers the drop-down menu, so I was trying to make the logo smaller if it solved the problem.

    But I’ve also seen that thirty bees doesn’t have like the ps 1.6 to change the logo on the mobile version.

    Today we have to think that the mobile version is almost more important than the desktop version and this has broken my mind a little bit because I have been trying ps 1.7 and I am not convinced and yet I like a lot of thirty bees but as I said before without the mobile version is almost impossible to move forward.

  • Where’s the problem? To me this looks perfectly fine (in Firefox):


  • Today we have to think that the mobile version is almost more important than the desktop version

    No doubt about the importance of mobile devices.

    Nevertheless, (mobile) device detection is a technology which is pretty much abandoned already. The modern replacement is coined “Responsive Design”, which means:

    • Don’t try to detect the device, deliver the same HTML/CSS/JS to every device.
    • Use conditional CSS, which changes appearance based on screen width. Much better than device detection, think about users turning their phone from portrait to landscape, drastically changing screen geometry.
    • As appropriate, fluid elements. Like sizing images not in pixels, but in available space (e.g. ‘width: 100%;’).

    With such a responsive design, logo is usually the same for all devices and gets scaled as needed in the browser.

  • Sorry for disturb i try another layout of templete that you see and it fitt ok. Thank you very much for your help


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