Delete Test Transactions?

  • How do I remove all the test transactions?

    They are still there even after uninstalling and deleting stripe module?

    Test data was deleted at stripe but they all still show up.

    0_1503870148167_Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.41.31 PM.png

  • I’m not sure but if you are in demo mode there is module for what you need and if you are not there is no way to delete them.
    There was a way to remove them just from the list in the back office but all their entries in the database will be left.

  • Is it safe to just go into the database and delete the orders in tb_orders?

  • There are too many entries concerning orders, there will be always something left. I’m not sure how safe it could be, but if it is test environment why not try.

  • I think this would be a good feature. I posted about it here:

    I went in to the database and deleted all id_order and id_order_* rows. So far it looks OK, but I haven’t tested fully yet.

  • I’m not too happy about the test data being there. 😞

    I’m going live soon so I really don’t want to break something deleting things.

    Seriously, test data needs a delete key!

  • What about invoices, carts associated with those orders etc. If that link is the feature request, I voted for it long time ago. But i don’t think somebody will develop such module because it is illegal to delete orders I believe.

  • @vzex i wouldn’t risk if i was you. Soon they will be on the next page and won’t bother you.

  • Not sure about deleting orders being illegal but I deleted all my test orders, customers etc getting ready to go live.

    Came to a halt when I couldn’t delete test stripe transactions 😞

    My pet peeve is modules leaving trash behind when you delete them.

    I don’t think basic functionality keeping things tidy should require a module but should be built in.

    Then again I don’t write code

  • Sure it would be great to be build in feature and many need it but sure it is illegal at least in EU.

  • I’m on the other side of the pond, never heard that before!

  • 🙂 it maybe will not concern you then.

  • @mockob It most definitely is NOT illegal to delete orders in your shop. You might be mixing something up with deleting accounting entries.

  • @30knees at least in my country and I believe whole eu, the financial data is protected by the law and can’t be deleted. I will look later for particular directive and if I find such I will paste it here.

  • Sorry for posting that link here but @30knees please check the third paragraph:

  • @mockob Thank you for the link, but it’s incorrect in that broadness. You are required to keep data relating to a transaction. That makes sense. If you sell something, you need to keep documentation that you sold something. How long you need to keep the data depends on your country.

    But if you didn’t sell something, eg if someone placed a fake order or placed an order but never paid, if you made a test order and want to delete it, there’s nothing that would prevent you from doing so.

  • That’s the statuses are for. And don’t get me wrong, I need that feature too but not for the legal part you talk about …


    Used PHPMyAdmin found and deleted all 17 test transactions by deleting them under:

    They no longer show up in stripe BO module so I’m happy they are hopefully all gone.

    If remnants remain elsewhere at least I don’t have to see them 🙂

  • Nahh. I think that’s all you have to do.
    I have seen your posts on this forum and already added the delete button to the next version of the Stripe module, so should be available soon.

  • Aw thanks, now I have to send another ☕

    Don’t forget the capture/charge delay, think it’s 7 days, until product shipped
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    You work so fast I’d hate for you to run out of things to fix 😉


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