Showing non-existent combinations

  • Before I go and purchase this module below, does anyone know of an easy way to not show combinations that don’t exist?

    For example, if I have 2 sizes, small & medium and the smalls only come in packs of 2 and the medium’s in packs of 3, when a customer comes to the product page and the default size option is small, it should only show “Packs of 2” in the drop down for package size option and if they switch to medium then it should only show “Packs of 3” in the drop down for package size option.

  • No one?

  • @ajensen27 Don’t buy a module until you’re sure thirty bees doesn’t already do what you want.

    I just saw this post by @30knees that has a discussion about it:

    Using packs and combinations - a possibility (or is there another solution)?

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  • But if you eliminate out of stock combination selection than the buyer won’t have the option to submit ‘remind me when its back to stock’

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  • I see you point.
    I will try look into that as soon as I get a chance.

  • Also, if the shop has:
    “Display unavailable product attributes on the product page” set to NO
    "Allow ordering of out-of-stock products" set to NO

    Then it also doesn´t make much sense to display out-of-stock combinations.

  • I sell products where size small comes in packages of 14, size medium comes in packages of 12, and large comes in packages of 10. And then each comes in a case option as well.

    So the customer will see this.


    Package Size:
    Package of 10
    Package of 12
    Package of 14
    Case of 40 (4 packages of 10)
    Case of 48 (4 packages of 12)
    Case of 56 (4 packages of 14)

    If my customer chooses medium, they now have to go through each package size option to figure out which one is available for that size. Now imagine when there’s 4, 5 or even 6 sizes with all different package size options.

    Thank you Yaniv14 for looking in to this for us. It would be a huge help!

  • The solution might be making one attribute as primary, e.g. Size. What might be a little more difficult to do is disabling (hiding) other attributes when there are 3-4 different attributes (selects), because it should be displayed (and updated) in order, e.g.:

    1. Select Size -> 2. Available Colors are displayed -> 3. After selecting color, available prints are displayed (for selected size and color) -> 4. etc.

    Something like in car portals, where you select make first and then choose model. But in order to do this, attributes should have “priorities / order”. The order is already in the system, so it can be used. Not sure if it is possible to avoid backend modifications.

    Also there are not only selects but radio buttons, which in this case must disappear too (or making disabled would be better option). So to answer your question, there is no easy way to do that especially without coding skills.

    I see two options in your case at this moment if you want a fast solution. Get someone who can modify your theme or buy module which can do that. Also displaying attributes in the table might be good alternative (there is a module which can do that), combination (not separate attributes) is displayed in one row. Keep in mind if there are lots of combinations table might take a lot of space.

    It is more theme specific so even if TB will implement it, it would be on default theme. Of course it can be implemented on your theme after that, it is usually easier for developers when there is a ready solution.

  • Thanks but I’m not sure what advice you are trying to give? I know there are modules out there, I have one on my Prestashop store. But I don’t like the way it works and would rather this be a built in function before buying the module I mentioned above.

    This is the code that makes it work in Shopify. Hoping something like this can be done for Thirtybees.

  • Just an update on that.
    I’ve got something working, but its hard coded for my testing.
    I just need to figure out how to add it to tb 😃

  • Awesome, thanks yaniv! And I’d be happy to test it for you as well.

  • Nice teamwork @ajensen27 and @yaniv14


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