Module for tax inc/excl switcher & currency switcher

  • Hi,

    Is there a module that allows the customer to switch between tax inc / excl from the menu bar and also allows to switch currency? We want the tax switcher for our B2B and B2C customers. Also we’d like the switcher for GBP / Euro.

    I think I read about an old module on PrestaShop that did this but wanted to check if there’s one that’s compatible with TB?


  • I’m not 100% sure, but I can’t see why you would need a module for this. Isn’t this facility already built in? As soon as you enable different currencies, customers can switch between them using the dropdown at the top of the page. And I’m sure you can setup for B2B customers to show prices ex tax and B2C customers to show prices inc tax.

  • @spidawebs you can do that for the tax incl / excl but only for logged in customers. The tax switcher is for those customers who choose to buy as a guest. I’d say well over 95% of the people who buy from our website don’t pre-register an account but buy as a guest so we need the ability for them to switch.

    I’ve added multiple currencies to Thirty Bees but I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a drop down selector for switching them, which is why I asked about a module as it’s not a standard feature.

  • On my shop, as soon as I added a second currency, then a dropdown appeared at the top of the page allowing you to switch between the currencies.

    How about displaying both tax inc and tax exc prices like this:

  • Actually that module would be perfect!

    I’ve got a hack at the moment on my PrestaShop store to display the tax incl / excl on the product page but it’s not throughout the system. I had originally bought a module to do what that module does it but it broke down completely when you introduced the quantity discounts on combinations, the tax excl was just completely wrong in the cart and checkout. After much too and fro with the developer they decided they couldn’t fix it and gave me a refund. TBH I thought it wasn’t possible to do after that but knew a switcher was possible, which is why I inquired about a TB compatible module.

    Figured out what I did wrong on the currency, you’ve got to set the countries, taxes, languages it’s associated with, which makes sense.

  • Yes! I agree with you, I also think that read old module on PrestaShop, where to write about the customer’s switches between tax in/ excel, and all about GBP/Euro.
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