Is this the alternative to PrestaShop 1.7?

  • We have tried to redo our site in 1.7, 1.7.1, and 1.7.2. Its not working. It is the absolute worst piece of software from a developer and merchant stand point I have seen. It does look nice, but nothing works. Nothing at all. Taxes. Rounding. Random errors that appear to go away. It is a software abortion.

    Is thirty bees what people are transferring to? We are going to call our 1.7 tests a loss and find something else.

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  • Hi Random, welcome to the forum. That is the exactly reason why a lot of us are here :) This guys know what they are doing and they listen the community. In the time I have been here you can see how they solve every doubt and solve every little bug that appear very very fast (the opposite of prestashop last years)
    So my answer is: if you liked prestashop before, in my opinion TB is the future

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  • What they said… been building my site with TB since day 1, best decision ever. Found it by accident by reading a very interesting blog post but it has now grown a lot !

    I’m not ready to go online yet but should be soon somewhere in November.

  • This is good to know that there is an alternative. I just wish I could get the time I invested in 1.7 back and also take my gray hairs it gave me away.

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