Using packs and combinations - a possibility (or is there another solution)?

  • It’s not possible at the moment to use packs and combinations. Why is this? For my purposes, it would be great to be able to do so.

    An example:

    I sell widgets singly and in packs.

    10 single widgets = 1 pack of widgets

    I’d like the customer to be able to select on the product page:

    ( ) 1 Widget
    ( ) 1 Pack of Widgets (= 10 Widgets)

    I can add each of these as individual combinations/attributes. But, then I have to maintain a separate stock for each.

    If I have 100 widgets, I would eg need to enter as stock:

    50 single widgets
    5 widget packs (because 1 pack is 10 single widgets)

    If for some reason I sell out of widget packs, I have to manually go into single widget stock, reduce eg by 20 there and add 2 widget packs to the widget pack stock.

    According to my understanding of packs, if packs could have combinations, I could have single widgets and then create a pack of these as a second combination, in a way, so that the customer would see:

    50 single widgets
    5 widget packs (because 1 pack is 10 single widgets)

    and the stock of the widget packs would be automatically calculated from the single widgets.

  • Ran into this also.

    I sell 10 packs and 3 packs at a lower price in addition to singles.

    Watching for a solution.

  • @vzex How do you currently manage this?

  • I lowered my pack inventory quantity but that isn’t really working since it isn’t accurate.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @davidp I’m sure lots of us would be happy to finance the development.

    FYI @mdekker @lesley

  • I guess another solution would be to not approach it as packs, but to have one combination/attribute depend on the other and specify their relationship.


    50 single widgets
    5 widget packs (and then specify that 1 widget pack is comprised out of 10 single widgets - the system could automatically calculate the appropriate quantities)

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