Attribute positions - not saving properly

  • In the backend you can go to an attribute group and order the values: administrator/index.php?controller=AdminAttributesGroups

    Even though tb gives an “update successful” message after re-ordering, the order is lost when you leave the attribute group page and return. Attribute positions aren’t saved properly. Some of the attributes go back to having the position “1”, others keep the position number they were given.

    Also, even though it looks like one could type in a position in the position field, it doesn’t let you type in anything.

    tb 1.0.3

  • I remember bumping into the same error at some point.
    But I cannot reproduce this error any more.
    Try editing one of the attributes and one of the values and save each of them once and than try to reorder them.

  • Didn’t work - and the odd thing is that even going directly into the database the position got overridden when I refreshed the list.

    But … I did notice that some attributes had the same position. So I manually entered unique positions directly in the database and after doing that everything worked again.


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