Backup not working?

  • I don’t think the DB Backup is working properly. I have just tried to backup my database which has about 800 products and the file size is only 16KB. When I open it, it doesn’t contain any products, just a list of all the tables.

    If I go to phpMyAdmin and do the backup, the size is 1.33MB.

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    We don’t like how this core feature works (or does not work) either. We’re working on a better backup module.

  • I think it is urgent to repair that, I lost my work because I did not verify the content of the backup file. So, i suppose that I have to re-install all TB, tables were droping.
    In general, TB works fine and fast.

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    Managing the database is not a core task of ecommerce software.

    I recommend you use phpMyAdmin for your backups.

  • I have never trusted PS backup. Instead, I have a Dropbox account where the server backup facility sends a complete backup every night. and it has never failed. I have even used the backup to copy the shop to another domain.
    But probably not possible with all webhosts

  • I use Code Guard. It’s free and backs up everything - the database and all the files. And if you need to restore, it’s really easy.

    Much better than manually doing a backup which you always tend to forget about.

  • I use Carbonite which is great, but I didn’t know about this free backup. Here’s more info on Code Guard:


    1 website, 1 database.
    1 GB of storage space.
    Automatic Restore.

    Daily Automatic Backup.
    ChangeAlert Notifications.
    7 days of backup retention.

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    @spidawebs said in Backup not working?:

    Much better than manually doing a backup which you always tend to forget about.

    Cron jobs are ideal for not forgetting such tasks.

    These cloud based backup services require you to send your passwords there, right? So you also open them a door to manipulate your shop. Doesn’t feel well to me.

  • Hi !

    I use Akeeba Solo :
    Very easy to use :)

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    Quick update on backups: we are going to remove backups from the core and provide a separate backup module. One that backs up like the current PrestaShop 1-click upgrade module does.

  • I hope it will work better though than PS. I have never managed to update with that module, even to next version. Mostly stops with some error about the Adapter

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    Yeah same problem here. The module always somehow quit halfway during the process. I have forked that module, too, and found ~10 design flaws (not just bugs) that prevent you from upgrading your store.
    We have turned that into a basic upgrader (with a much better architecture and 100% isolated) which we are likely going to use for migration and updating thirty bees since it works so well in our tests.

  • Must be hard but interesting to start on a mission like TB. Soo much bad code but must be rewarding to find the better way to do things

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    Heh, well I’m currently pulling my hair out because of the changed 1-click upgrade module. I think that by now I have removed 70% of the code. Makes me wonder if it would have been better to start over. Although… this has led to a very flexible generic updater module.

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    Must be hard but interesting to start on a mission like TB.

    TBH, I’m a bit surprised to see so many bugs coming up. One would think that cloning an open source repo and just replacing the brand gives a fully working system.

    But I’m positive. Looking at the commits so far it’s apparent that they’re done by people knowing their stuff. And old stuff gets deprecated. Very good!

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    Surprised? Let me give you an example (beware: it hurts your eyes):

    No separation of logic, views. Even JavaScript can be randomly found in the file. It is also supposed to be stand-alone during the upgrade.

  • Hi @Traumflug :)

    IMO anything that doesn’t work as it should is because PrestaShop has so much wrong with it, which is why we’re all here. The TB team has been, and continue to, work very hard on this project.

    This is why we need many more people to donate just a little bit of time so that the top TB developers can concentrate on the really difficult parts of the project. :)

    If anyone has expertise in a particular module or a section or anything regarding TB, please help us.

    Thank you!

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