Import CSV - products with Accessories (x,y,z...)

  • I would like to import into a new shop products with accessories via CSV.
    Unfortunately, I can not find any information on what data I need to enter into the column for “Accessories (x, y, z …)”.
    Is the entry of the item number of the respective products sufficient? The Url of the products is not generated until the import.

    Thanks for help.

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  • I would guess product id.
    just run a test with one product

  • @yaniv14 Thanks for the answer.

    In the old PS-Shop I never tried that. I have a list of over 9000 products from a supplier. For the articles, one or more suitable products with the article number are listed in some columns. I have always taken only items I selected. Now I consider creating a separate shop for this complete range of jewelery.
    First of all, I assume that I have to do the data import 2 times so that the articles appear at all only once in the shop and then additionally an import with appropriate products. An assignment with the article number would be the easiest in this case. Otherwise I would have to look for a suitable formula, so that the article numbers get the right product id.


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