Module to make one attribute depend on the other

  • See this post for an explanation and the history behind the idea:

    Basically, I’d like to be able to sell

    Product: Widget
    Combination A: 1 Widget
    Combination B: 1 Widget Family Pack (10 x Widgets)

    And I’d like to manage by stock only via Combination A.

    That means that if I enter

    Combination A: 100 Widgets

    and I can specify somewhere that

    Combination B is dependent on Combination A and that 1 x Combination B = 10 x Combination A,

    the system will be able to calculate that

    the stock should be as follows:

    100 x Combination A
    10 x Combination B


    99 x Combination A
    9 x Combination B

    Hope this was clear 🙂


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