How to move Paypal buttons in cart and/or checkout ?

  • Hello,
    i have integrated Paypal in TB 1.0.3 - and we are not using the standard Theme.
    Now the question is, how to move the Paypal “express checkouot” button in cart? This was installed by a hook from Paypal module and it is ok there (the customer can choose if he will go to checkout or login via his Paypal account.

    I have attached a jpg and it would be great if anyone can explain how to move this button to fit at the right side of checkout table.
    I have EN and DE language in our shop, so the button “proceed to checkout” has different size depending on the language and Paypal button has to fit to right side, no matter of the size of Theme button "“proceed to checkout” .

    thank you!!

  • Look in the Folder: modules/paypal/views/templates/hook

    Edit the File: express_checkout_shortcut_button.tpl

    Replace <div id=“container_express_checkout” style=“float:right; margin: 10px 40px 0 0”>

    with: <div id=“container_express_checkout” style=“float:right; margin: 10px 0 0 0”>

    so we replaced 10px 40px 0 0 to 10 px 0 0 0

  • Hello James 🙂

    i already added the following CSS code in the custom.css file:
    #container_express_checkout {margin-right: 0 !important;}

    I did not do any changes in Paypal module, but i think it will do the same?
    Would it be better to do this in the custom.css or in the Paypal module folder? The question is, if my own changes will be overritten when i do an update of the module?

    thank you for more hints on this!

  • Thank you to James and mdekker,
    this seems to be solved 🙂
    Love TB !


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