PDF delivery slip of orders

  • Hi,

    I’d like a module as follows:

    • Generate a PDF delivery slip of orders, one order per page, filterable according to pre-defined order statuses.
    • The PDF delivery slip can be manually or via cron (I can choose) generated and downloaded and saved in a folder or sent by email.

    I’d like the module to be made available to the community free of charge.

  • Maybe it is better to suggest it as a feature. Not much functionality to put into separate module. Except of auto sending / generating maybe. Usually these things are in modules and it might need separate settings due to this auto sending. e.g. you get email everyday (when order statuses are A B C) and decide to check something in BO and download PDF with statuses D E F. Then you need to undo status changes (to A B C) in order to get delivery slip PDF next day as usual.

  • I guess the minimum change would be that Orders>Deliver slips is enhanced by an option to select which orders should be exported via their order status. Currently, it’s only by date, which is not useful at all for my purposes.

    I’m also happy to finance this as a feature. @mdekker Would you pull this into the core if someone make this change?

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