Disable out of stock product

  • hi, in PS I’m using MySql Trigger method (https://mypresta.eu/en/art/tips-and-tricks/how-to-disable-out-of-stock-product.html) to disable out of stock product, but after migrate to 30bz and enable multistore, this method doesn’t work anymore. any idea?

  • I suspect this is a table name issue. The sample code uses the default PS table names which start with ps_ while 30bz default table names begin with tb_. If you modify the code to match your table names it should still work:

    CREATE TRIGGER change_active_after_update AFTER UPDATE ON tb_stock_available
    UPDATE tb_product_shop SET active=0 WHERE id_product IN (SELECT id_product FROM tb_stock_available WHERE quantity=0);
    UPDATE tb_product_shop SET active=1 WHERE id_product IN (SELECT id_product FROM tb_stock_available WHERE quantity>0);

    Of course if you are using non-standard table names then you will need to modify the code above to match your tables.

  • Thanks for the tips, I have recheck and found the trouble in my database. db_stock and db_stock_available not sync well.


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