Disable Payment modules "Carrier restrictions"

  • Hi,
    by default I see a setting for choosing wich payment modules is available for wich shipping carriers…

    Generally, that is awesome, but it is very uncompatible with shipping solution I use’. Is there any way to either disable the restriction completely (so all payments modules is available for all couriers)?

    (*=My store contains a module that during ceckout sends goods information to a third party, returning temporary carriers for each customer, thus meaning there will always be new carriers without allowed payment methods.)

  • Depending on how the module works you may be able to use a MySQL trigger to automatically enable all payment modules for these temporary carriers.

    You could try talking to the module creator about this. What module is it, and doesn’t PS suffer from the same problem?

  • Ah, that might indeed be a solution, I’ll look into that option!

    It’s a swedish module called Fraktjakt - https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-carriers/17108-fraktjakt-swedish-shipping-integration.html

    In the stores I’m currently using PS 1.6, payment modules can only be restricted by currency or country,
    if I would like to restrict by carrier there is third party modules for that, but nothing pre-installed.

  • As a temporary solution, I simply added alot of rows directly in the module_carrier table to allow some future carriers.

    The real solution is indeed to simply make the module add the apropriate rows when adding carriers. Thank you @dynambee for suggesting that.
    Possibly a bit abvious, but I really didn’t think in that direction 🙂

  • Hmmz I think it’s a bug. It was never supposed to uncheck new carrier by default. New carriers should be available everywhere. Let’s fix that!


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