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  • I’m trying to achieve next thing:
    <img class=“logo img-responsive” src="{$img_dir}logo.svg" alt="{l s=‘Logo’}" onerror=“this.src=’{$img_dir}logo.png’” width=“143” height=“123”>
    It is discussed in ps forums where I found the code. Unfortunately the theme I’m trying out is using other code structure and I can’t find the file with that code. I found php file which I believe the code should be placed in but I don’t know where exactly to put it. So any help will be appreciated.
    Here is the php file from the theme:0_1504778067212_addonlogo.php

  • So you want to use a .svg image instead of a regular .jpg etc.?
    Where do you want to place it?
    On Top of your Theme or is it a Module which you want to put it in?

  • Yes, I would like to use svg logo and in case browser doesn’t support it then jpg. Unfortunately the template I bought uses pagebuilder module and I can’t find where exactly I have to place the code.

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