Adapting my modules to support ThirtyBees

  • Hi guys,

    I hope I’m on the right forum for this, if not let me know.

    I have a small set of simple commercial modules, that fix many of the common inconveniences in Prestashop and now I’m working to make them work in ThirtyBees.

    First one is already compatible: CMS On Contact Page

    I heard that I can place some badge or something to show support, currently I added a description about it.

  • Another compatible modules:
    Show Payment Methods

  • Nice to see you are updating your modules so they work with TB!

    Like the idea you got going for Show Payment Methods that’s one of the things that nagged me, since it makes no sence you got to fill out everything to see the payment options.

    One thing I would have added to that module where that it as default maybe uses guest check out, so the user dos not have to make that selection either. (might fit better in a nother plugin tho)

    That’s actually one of the main reasons that we use a one page checkout module.

  • Thanks, the Show Payment Methods module is a simple fix for one of the checkout problems. Of course it’s much better to have a full OPC module, but it requires much more changes and overrides in the shop.

  • True, the worst part is most OPC’s looks like crap, where the build in layout for checkout fits the design a lot better, but again it got it’s own downsides with the way things are build.

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  • There is no place here in Denmark that uses the method prestashop got by default, and a reason for this is it’s to complicated for older customers, that is not tech savy like the younger generations.

    We tested it out for abit and we had bad respons on the default method of prestashop OPC.

    Besides that we got something called ViaBill, that shows a price tag besides the payment option, it’s a small loan company with out any fees or % for there loans.

    So there is a bunch of reasons for us to avoid the original behaviour.

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  • @DavidP You can, but for some people it’s not enough. This module was developed in response to many requests and complaints on Prestashop forum.

  • @Traumflug yep we got it in the footer all the payment options we allow like required.

    And bank transfers is actually a thing thats abit iffy in Europe to, im currently writing up some documentation on what the E-commerce organisations in Euro will accept when it comes to bank transfers, since there need to be some changed made to the bank transfer module to uphold the law, when it comes to bank transfers.

    Hopefully ill be done with the documentation in the start of the next week.

  • Just an example, when using bank transfer, it got to show a order resume before you actually push the order thrue, this view needs to show every product selected, a short product description like Color, size, and some other stuff.

    The rules in EU for e-commerce is a tad more strict, and if you got a certified shop like we got with e-mærket thats a part of Ecommerce Europe Trustmark, then there is even more rules to follow, since these none profit companys is securing the customer but also the shop.

    We can get legal advice, and if a customer is scammed they can get compesatet up to a certain amount, so it’s just extra security for every party.

  • @daresh About Tidy: Would you consider adding an option to properly delete orders, so they’re also gone from the database? See eg this thread: I’d buy the module right away then. 🙂

  • Can somebody give me a demo for the “Show Payment Methods” please. Maybe interesting, but i am not sure if we really need this. thank you!!

  • @30knees Tidy is about mass cleaning of old data, rather not about deleting selected orders, so I’m not sure that I want to add this kind of feature there.

    @DRMasterChief Here you go:

  • How about a different module for deleting orders, then? 🙂

  • @30knees idea worth considering, this may be generally usefull, and I love writing modules so I’ll experiment with it 🙂

  • Hi daresh, can you add feature on tidy to delete redundant images product. My /img folder grow so big. I think there are a lot of unused images

  • @dosbiner Interesting idea, but I would need your help to verify if really there are redundant images. Please contact me if you would like to help and give me access to your shop so I can see what’s going on in that folder.

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