AEUC: Error thrown on index.php?controller=order

  • I’m getting the following error during the checkout flow

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /modules/advancedeucompliance/advancedeucompliance.php on line 920

    on the page index.php?controller=order when you get the overview of the order.

    Line 920 is:

    $linkConditions = $this->context->link->getCMSLink($cmsConditions, $cmsConditions->link_rewrite, $isSslEnabled);

    It looks like some type of CMS page is missing. Does anyone know how to check what might be missing and potentially fix it?

    Thank you

  • It’s worth checking if you’ve got a terms and conditions page as this is compulsory on the checkout process to get your customers to accept them before purchasing. It might be the module is looking for a certain url for these - you could check in that file the exact url that it’s expecting.

  • It looks like the AEUC module conflicts with the setting “No” under Preferences>Orders>Terms of Service.

    Apparently, AEUC forces customers to actively accept the Terms of Service.

  • Yeah, just got this problem in my own store after activating the module. It’s because the theme’s code is hijacking the submit event, whereas it should only block to check if the box isn’t ticked and trigger a submit afterwards if it ticked. I hope we can change that, but it looks like there is a lot of logic in the theme itself (which sucks, because to get it solved you’d have to manually hack the code in that case).

  • Why don’t you just remove the checkbox from the code, it’s not legally required, not even in Germany.

  • there is a lot of logic in the theme itself

    That’s why.

  • Just for the record: The logic of the theme requires a totally waste action and merchants, who do not want this, need (like me) to run a third party module, that (among other things) disables this feature. You can’t be serious.

  • You’re welcome to donate another/a better theme to thirty bees.

  • Ach, weißt du, bei solchen dummen Sprüchen habe ich nur einen Wunsch: Wie kann ich meinen Account hier löschen? Das meine ich ernst. Vielleicht kannst du das ja veranlassen.

  • Only for my information you are talking about the AEUC module and a theme? I guess Warehouse by chance?

    I am interested in this since I am planning to change my Shoply with Warehouse theme. I have to use AEUC for Germany, too. At the moment I just changed

    {* <input type=“checkbox” name=“cgv” id=“cgv” value=“1” {if $checkedTOS}checked=“checked”{/if} /> *}
    <input type=“checkbox” name=“cgv” id=“cgv” style=“display:none” value=“1” checked {if $checkedTOS}checked=“checked”{/if} />

    in hookOverrideTOSDisplay.tpl and put the changed file in theme/shoply/modules/… as a theme override.
    In your case you could try to set the setting from YES to No and due to edit of the given file above no interaction of a customer is needed and you could even hide the contents asking the customer to do so.

  • Edited: Post didn’t belong in this thread.

  • @pedalman It’s the Panda theme for me. I’ll give your solution a try, thanks!


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