Loading of tab content on product create/edit page takes forever

  • Every time I try to create or edit a product, the product tabs take forever to load.
    No errors are shown in the server or console logs, but as you can see in the screenshot, the ajax calls to load the content of the tabs take about 30 seconds to complete.

    I am running TB 1.0.3 (fresh installation, not a PS upgrade).

    Any suggestions on how to fix this critical issue will be highly appreciated!


  • I had the same problem and if I remember correctly it was a caching issue together with my browser. Does it run faster if you turn off caching?

  • Caching is turned off

  • And did you try a different browser without any plugins? I wish I could remember exactly what the issue was… .

  • I’ve tested in both Google and Firefox. No difference unfortunately 😞

  • If everything under Performance and CCC (COMBINE, COMPRESS AND CACHE) is turned off, too, and you flushed your browser after turning everything off - no idea anymore, unfortunately.

  • Every performance enhancing feature is turned off and I’ve flushed my browser cache more times than I can count.
    I’ve also tried disabling 3rd party modules and used the TB Cleaner module to remove all product data. That didn’t help either…

  • This post is deleted!

  • My problem with the loading time isn’t related to the saving of products. Saving a product only takes a second or two.
    The incredibly slow loading times happen when I open an existing product or click the “new product” button.

    After some further investigation I have isolated the problem to the database. If I switch to a database backup from another TB installation, the loading times are back to normal.


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