AfterShip invalid credentials?

  • Anyone using aftership with TB?

    Can’t get past invalid credentials after setting up webservice per their tutorial.

    They requested BO access which I gave for webservice only to troubleshoot.

    Their response below.

    Whitelist? Where?
    I used to use cloudflare but it’s turned off over a month ago.
    Where else would I whitelist?
    And what does being a fork have to do with it…

    Since it is a forked version, we are getting invalid credentials error.

    Can you try to whitelist below AfterShip IPs and try to connect again ?


  • Where are you hosted? This is something your host will have to add for a whitelist.

  • @lesley still a couple months paid to go at hostgator

    Why would a host blacklist ip’s like this are they suspect by where they originate?

    My last contact with aftership I told them I don’t have any ip’s blocked so they blamed it on TB being a fork.

    After that I lost interest 😉
    They might be more motivated after all the PS 1.6 are on TB 🙂

    I would like to use a service like this though guess I’ll see what hostgator has to say

  • Hostgator might have a firewall up that blocks some connections. If you are getting invalid creds, likely it was not a firewall issue. Did you try setting the fcgi setting under webservice and testing?

  • Enable CGI for PHP?

    Just turned it on tested and still get invalid credentials.

    0_1505675092611_Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.58.13 PM.png

  • hmm, something else might be at play. You might have to get the server logs from hostgator. See what is being sent and what it is saying. Some php modes ask for a username and will only auth with it. Others do not need one and only need a password.

  • Okay thanks!
    I’ll check with hostgator

  • Hostgator sorted it out.

    It works with Enable CGI mode for PHP in BO under webservice with hostgator but they had to change modules/aftership/V1 directory permissions to 0755

    Hostgator higher permissions have been the bane of my existence, should know by now to check them first! 🤦

    You can also make a quick $10 aftership credit after it connects they bribe er I mean encourage you to leave a review over on PS forum 😉

    Never trust long threads of positive reviews 🙂

    0_1505678667777_Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.54.09 PM.png

  • Nice, I thought it might not be a compatibility issue. Sneaky review practice… I think a lot of companies do that.


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