Language in FrontEnd is still English, but i have only German installed?

  • Language in FrontEnd is still English, but i have only German installed.

    That was before i updated to 1.0.3
    I tried Strg + F5 and Empty Cache but nothing worked yet.

    I hope there is someone out there who can help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @jamesblond008
    Welches Template nutzt du? mit dem default-standard-Theme gibt es eigentlich keine bekannten Probleme.

    Which template do you use? with the default-standard theme, there are actually no known problems.

  • @zimmer-media
    Ich nutze das default theme von PS, welches ich modifiziert hatte, welches aber auch mit der 1.0.1 Version funktionierte. Habe es aber auch mit der TB default probiert, welches keine Lösung war.

    Im using the default theme of PS, which i was modifying. It was able to translate into German proper in 1.0.1 but i also tried the TB default Theme. Still the same Error.

  • Habe das Thema selber Lösen können und zwar bin ich auf ->Lokalisierung->Übersetzungen gegangen und habe dort unter Sprache hinzufügen / aktualisieren die Deutsche Sprache durch Klick auf den Button Sprache hinzufügen / aktualisieren, aktualisiert und siehe da… alles wieder so wie es sein soll.

    The topic itself can be highlighted as solved. I was able to solve it on my on.

    Go to -> localization-> translations
    Then under -language add / update- I selected the German language and by clicking on the button -language add / update-, it updated itself and tadaaaa… everything again is as it should be.

  • This should always be the first step if the translation is missing or incomplete.
    Das sollte sowieso immer die erste Maßnahme sein, wenn die Übersetzung fehlt oder unvollständig ist.

  • Please speak English or move this to the German forum.

  • @alwayspaws said in Language in FrontEnd is still English, but i have only German installed?:

    Please speak English or move this to the German forum.

    Look, lack of skills in foreign languages in an interconnected world are sad, but neither my problem nor that of the other members who posted in this thread. The only one who didn’t realize that the German users wrote their posts in both languages seems to be - you. 🙂

  • @occam You do not have to be impolite. When I welcomed someone in the German forum, YOU said it is for German speaking people. Don’t bother me again.

  • Here we go again!
    So what exactly is your contribution to this thread’s problem that the theme’s language is not automatically included when choosing this language during the install process of thirty bees?

  • This is the last time I’m acknowledging this post. I’ve noticed you like to start trouble. Since everyone wrote it in English, as well as German, there was no need to use German.

  • Thank you guys for your Help. It was very helpful to read the same Sentence in German to be sure that i understand what he wanted to say.
    Im sorry that a translated version under the English one makes so much trouble. I will open 2 Threads next time. One in the English Section and the other in the German section if that is ok with the @admin . Please tell if this is ok for all of you. Have a great day and Thanks again

  • @JamesBlond008
    You can’t be serious!
    Two threads on the same subject are no good idea. I also don’t think that the forum mods would appreciate to prohibit translations into other languages in posts generally, as requested by member @alwayspaws.
    This demand has a simple history. Pet shop girl was just upset when I asked her some time ago to answer in the German subforum in German and not in English. This is what we do in the Prestashop forum, because you can expect everyone to use a translation program in order to be polite. The contribution can then be bilingual. After all, translation programs are not always reliable.
    But I think it’s presumptuous of her to expect everyone to speak English just because she doesn’t understand any other language.

    Das meinst du doch wohl nicht ernst!
    Zwei Threads zum selben Thema halte ich für keine gute Idee. Ich glaube auch nicht, dass die Foren-Mods es begrüßen würden, Übersetzungen in andere Sprachen in Beiträgen generell zu verbieten, wie das Mitglied @alwayspaws fordert.
    Diese Forderung hat eine einfach Vorgeschichte. Pet shop girl hat sich einfach darüber geärgert, als ich sie vor einiger Zeit bat, im deutschen Unterforum auf Deutsch und nicht auf Englisch zu antworten. Das machen wir im Prestashop-Forum auch so, denn man kann von jedem erwarten, dass er der Höflichkeit halber ein Übersetzungsprogramm benutzt. Der Beitrag kann dann auch ruhig zweisprachig erfolgen. Denn Übersetzungsprogrammen kann man ja nicht unbedingt immer trauen.
    Aber ich halte es für anmaßend von ihr, von jedem zu erwarten, dass er Englisch spricht, nur sie weil keine andere Sprache versteht.
    (Just for the record, @alwayspaws: This was the German translation of the above post)

  • I was serious in some way. My Appology was real because i dont want any trouble 😉
    I guess as long as no Mod or Admin says something against Translating directly its gonna be ok.

    Thanks again.


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