Stripe 1.4.0 update

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    The Stripe module has been updated.
    Most notable changes are:

    • Update to Stripe.js v3 and updated the Stripe PHP bindings (note that there is some work to do if you use specific files for your templates)
    • Added the ability to delete test transactions
    • Updated the Apple Pay code; lots of fixes for Apple Pay

    In case you’re wondering, here’s a nice vid of what Apple Pay looks like right now:

    Mechants are encouraged to update to this version as it contains a lot of fixes.

  • @mdekker
    thanks - can you tell me if Apple Pay not compatible with AEUC-Module?
    in stripe modul and stripe account is it active, cache is cleared …

    0_1505906458566_FireShot Screen Capture #328 - 'Order - Lady Dee´s Gradient Yarn' - ladydee-yarn_com_en_quick-order.png

  • administrators

    Correct. Apple Pay cannot be used if you want an EU checkout.

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