Multiple currencies are breaking order creating in backoffice

  • Hello there

    Is anybody of you using multiple currencies? I just added a few new curriences (Euro, Dollar and Pounds). Since then I can’t create any orders in backoffice. It doesn’t find the products trough Ajax. Firefox Console:

    TypeError: window.currencyModes is undefined

    Any idea? Please tell me if you have same issue…

  • Probably this problem did not come from the new currencies, but from the upgrade (1.0.1 => 1.0.3), I made some days ago!?

        // @since 1.0.2
        Media::addJsDef(['currencyModes' => Currency::getModes()]);

  • For me everything is working just fine with 2 currencies.

  • Do you have any idea, why this error appear? Are you using 1.0.3? I believe tools.js file is making the trouble :S

  • Damn! I had an tools.js file in my theme. It was basically an old PS File. This made all the errors 😞 No I deleted this file and it works again…

  • Auto-upload with PhpStorm still on? That’s how I usually screw it up.

  • Yeah, but I can’t blame PhpStorm. I just duplicated tools.js long ago and made very little changes. Since then the core file changed a lot. I think that’s a trouble many theme designer are facing.


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