Would a migration only copying data to a clean install be feasible

  • I am returning to investigating TB after putting it on hold for some time.

    The thing that caused me to give up was that while a clean install performed well, the migration caused me loads of issues. Even though I did manage to get the shop almost running, I had problems with urls that I could not reproduce with a clean installation (my PrettyUrl module with overrides was nuked already).

    So, my question is similar to what other have been experimenting with:

    • Would it be possible to have a migration module that only focuses on an export-import of Products, Orders, Categories etc in order to carry over all relevant information from an existing shop into a fresh TB installation (not a migration).

    I am aware I would have modules that has stored data in the DB that I may loose bu in my case, the main non default tables are from the review module and I guess I could figure out how to port them manually if I get all the standard Prestashop stuff migrated.

    I have no clue on the feasibility of this but reading other posts from @mdekker etc it seems as exporting-importing csv files is something you frequently do.

    So, is this something that could work? Supporting a TB migration not through update but from a 100% fresh install and ONLY migrating standard Prestashop tables using export-import? I just have a gut feeling that would give me 95% of my shop functionality up and running with a TB installation that is guaranteed to not contain any junk in the db, old overrides, deprecated module not fully uninstalled etc.

    My shop is not complex afaik but it still has a 4 year legacy that I assume can cause all sorts of issues. A fresh installation just sounds so nice 🙂

  • i cant say it enough: install a clean installation and migrate your data with: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/8934-migrationpro-prestashop-to-prestashop-migration-tool.html

    It works like a charm!

  • Wow, was not aware of that module. It looks really promising.

    If anyone has experience using it with a TB migration it would be very interesting to know.

    Another thought, is there any advantage potentially lost when not using the update module? The only exception that comes to mind in my case is really the data from the review module that I do not know how to migratate but apart from that, I see no reason to use an update module over this migration tool. Am I missing something obvious?

  • well i have 🙂

    The only thing it doesn migrate is your theme settings etc. It migrates your products, attributes, stock, carriers, taxes, customers, orders etc. but thats what i think is the power of it because you can build up clean without the errors made in the past. What module do you use for reviews? Because normaly you can export it with a csv file and import it back into your new shop

  • I did not know about the Migration Module either. Looks very interesting. Now, our shop runs already TB1.3 after a migration form PS1.6.15.
    Anyhow I am more than interested in the possibilty to start with a clean install of TB1.3. Maybe it works this way, too? TB --> TB?

  • i will test it for you tonight

  • I’ll second the migration module. It’s awesome and worth it

  • I tested it and it also works: TB > TB

    So you can migrate as much as you want: PS > TB, TB > PS, PS > PS, and TB >TB

  • That is great news for sure! The first time in 5 years of Prestashop that I feel not constricted in some ways. Thank you for testing and willing to spent the time to do so.

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  • You can also consider this service for migration. Orders, customers, products etc



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