The language file can not be found

  • I started working with thirty bees a few weeks ago, and I do not notice anything until the last tests. When customizing my version, I thought it was my fault and, as I did not find the error, this morning, delete my local version and download the latest version in Spanish.

    I downloaded thirty bees in a local and, without touching anything, I went directly to add a tracking number to an order of John Doe and I see a blank screen with the following message.

    “Error. El archivo de idioma no se encuentra: es”🇪🇦

    I think this appears since the last update.

    Anything that I try to modify leads to this message appearing in other modules such as the cash payment.

    I need to find a solution urgently. 😧

    Excuse my English


  • I think it may be due to the lack of the lang.php file in emails / es. I’m doing tests to confirm

  • i think youre right. this issue appears often, also in prestashop

  • @baarssen Yeah, it looks like that. Now it’s working ok.

  • Same problem here with IT language.
    The mail/en directory includes index.php and lang.php… “it” directory not.

    Why is this happening? Is it possible to fix this so no future thirtybees shop owners will have to deal with it?


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