Need help for NETBEANS+TB dev. environment deployment

  • Folks!

    I need to make new module, it is russian-specific, related to delivery integrator’s service.

    I’d like to try to do it by myself. But i don’t know how to deploy the dev. environment in the netbeans IDE (i chose it because it free).

    Kindly asking for any help in this way.

  • Is Netbeans still the way to go as a free editor for PHP?

    I hear a lot about Visual Studio Code and its awesome Intellisense support for PHP. I know it’s not a full IDE but together with a few plugins it can be very powerful. Microsoft has got a great reputation when it comes to code editors.

    What exactly do you want to do with your dev. env.?

  • I need to integrate our local Russian delivery service into PS/TB. There is payed module for this service, and probably i’ll buy it, but it has not all features, and seems it’s developer does not working on it anymore. Also there’s another great delivery service,, which also has no integration into TB/PS

  • Better just get started and worry about the tools later then. Tools you are not familiar with are only going to slow you down.

    If I had to recommend you a strategy, your best chances would be to use Visual Studio Code in the beginning, but just as a text editor and don’t touch any of the fancy buttons.
    If you think you’re ready to handle more make sure you have at least these extensions installed: PHP InstelliSense, PHP DocBlocker, PHP debug, phpcs with Symfony2 as a value for phpcs.standard in the PHP CodeSniffer Configuration section of the settings.json (File > Settings > Preferences) file and vscode-database for MySQL support.

    Add these files to your project if you want autocomplete for overridden classes:

  • I need something more, than a text editor. I need tool for debugging also. Is the VS code suitable if i’ll install it on windows environment along with windows versions of nginx, php and mysql? Should i install some extra software, like a node.js?

  • What have you used before for debugging?

  • I tried to use codelobster + xdebug with no success. That’s why i’thought to chose feature-rich ide such as netbeans… Anyway, thank you for help, i’ll try Visual Studio Code


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