Product comments module bugs

  • This is a new bug report because technically my last one with data migration issues moving comments from the prestashop 1.6 module to thirty bees module was resolved.

    Now that the data is moved, I’m seeing strange behavior.

    • The most comments that will show on any one product is five. There is no page advance button that I’m seeing.

    • Also, if a new comment is submitted, it never shows up in my back office dashboard notifications for reviews. I have to click into the module config to see the comments pending.

    • “Read reviews” button on a product is showing a review total that comes from a different product.

    I thought this may be theme related so I tested with the community theme and got the same behavior.

    One temporary workaround I found was to copy my productcomments folder from my current prestashop instance to eliminate the limitation of 5 posts to read on a product. I just won’t upgrade to the thirty bees module again until it’s operating correctly.


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