Changing PayPal Express locale

  • Hello,

    in TB1.3’s PayPal module we can set our preferred language. Anyhow, PayPal iframe is loaded first in English and customers have to switch to our target language German via this tiny switch in the PayPal frame. Also, as the title here suggests, the PayPal Express button does not show the correct language.

    I found in the official documentation that you can set it and I think the module has this already implemented but I am no coder.
    On a page of the official documention doc & live edit you can live edit button js code. Inserting for example locale: 'fr_FR', or locale: 'de_DE',
    changes the languages of the button. That is nice. So, I suppose the language variable set in the module is not being transmitted?

  • Another issue I got is that after canceling the PayPal checkout customers land ‘at the 1st step of shop checkout’. That is not nice for customers.

    The PayPal documentation says:
    Show a cancellation page

    Normally when a buyer cancels a payment, the buyer is returned to the parent page. Instead, you can use the onCancel function to show a cancellation page or return to a shopping cart:

    So, it would be nice if we could set this URL in the module settings. I know about the ‘return URL’ in the API settings of PayPal that is nicely described in ThirtyBees PayPal module documentation. But I do not know if they are the same and, anyhow, I would like to have customers at the last checkout page in our shop where they can choose an alternative payment if the cancel PayPal.

  • Super Michael,

    it works. Thank you.

    Do you think it makes sense to add a from in the module for setting a cancel URL?
    I think this could be nice.


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