Docker compose configuration released

  • I’m ending the weekend, and I wanted to give a try at my job for my boss of Thirty Bees (and I would love to clone a client’s production website on a local machine and migrate to TB).

    For that purpose, I’ve done a custom php-fpm 7 container with all the dependencies required by TB, and a memcached server to try the new cache (as this could be the main reason for me to migrate from PS to TB).

    Here you have the Github repo, I’m willing to maintain it actively. If you find it good enough we could clone the repo to the Thirty Bees Github organization.

    For future work I would look into:

    • Build the php-fpm configuration as an image (to speed up the docker-compose up -dcommand), add more PHP versions)
    • Provide an Apache image as an alternative to Nginx
    • Provide more useful images, for example Redis
    • Run the PHP image with development features (like xdebug)
    • Give the capacity to auto-install Thirty Bees, update configuration parameters through env variables… just like the Prestashop’s docker-compose (I would need a hand with that one 😃)

    You can give me your feedback in the repository, as a new issue. I would love to hear your opinion here, too!

    Happy deploying, and happy developing!

  • That is awesome. Thank you very much! Going to check it out tomorrow.

  • I’ve initially configured the docker-compose with a nginx image instead of an apache one, so the friendly urls will not work as expected. I’m going to bake two php-apache containers to images for faster bootstrappìng. One with opcache optimized for testing in a more speed friendly environment, and a second one without opcache, and xdebug enabled.

  • @devnix I would like to try this out, are you still maintaining it? Any chance to have a guide in github?

  • Sorry for the late answer @hubbobubbo! I’m not actively maintaining it, but if you have any issue or doubt I will be more than happy to fix and document anything you need.

    I’m currentry trying to make a module framework to help smoothing sharp things and incompatibilities between Prestashop versions (1.5, 1.6, 1.7). One of the base ideas of the framework is to give a preconfigured set of different Prestashop installations with different PHP versions, and I would absolutely love to support Thirtybees too.

    To make it possible, I think we should fork the way Prestashop is generating the Docker images, and maintain official Thirtybees Docker.

    If you need something about me you can contact me trough my Github account.


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