Small payment CSS overlap on small screens

  • Hi,

    I use for now a small screen that only gives me a 1366 x 768 resolution and all prestashop based carts have this little issue with orders in which if you enter an order to edit it and scroll down to the payments section the screen will be overlapped as shown here:


    This forces me to use the site always in a 80% ratio like this:


    This is by far one of the most tiny bugs you might find but it has been annoying me for a while and nobody has fixed that, ever…

    Everything else seems to fit perfectly fine on my screen except for that little part.

    I hope this some day gets fixed. 🙂

  • It seems that the ‘admin-theme.css’ has no class for table-responsive.
    I will try to push a fix to the repo.
    For now you can add those lines to ‘your_admin_folder/themes/default/css/override.css’

    .table-responsive {
        min-height: .01%;
        overflow-x: auto;

  • Thanks!

  • @yaniv14 is the best!
    This little quirk bothered me as well, thanks for bringing it up @RaptorX


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