Anyone with live store which meets eu law requirements?

  • I’m looking for store which fully complies with all eu regulations to follow best practices building mine. Does anyone of German merchants here has such store confirmed by lawyer or is sure that his/her store complies with the law requirements? Is there any tutorial which I could follow? I paid for such service for my store in my country but I’m pretty sure lawyers in Germany are much more strict when it comes to law requirements.

  • Dear MockoB,
    great to hear that you will start with TB in Germany, we would also 🙂 but we have to finish a lot of pics and descriptions for the new shopsystem (at the moment we still have modified shop system but will change to TB in the next time).

    I already have started this:ösung which unfortunately is completely forgotten by Presta and also by TB.

    Most of the other things works fine with AEUC module. We also could include the “delivery time informations” for various countries, the “price-per” (basic price), and the short description in the cart. So most of the “things” for Germany are already ok.

    Would be great to increase the German community here. Lets find good solutions together.

  • aber eigtl. sind wir hier im deutschen Bereich, kannst du auf Deutsch schreiben ??

  • It’s sad that EU compliance module doesn’t work with most custom themes and hardly works with native one … I think TB team have plans for it but if I wait another year to start my shop I better change platforms. My decision is to pay developer to make the module work with my theme or just hardocde everything needed in it.
    For beginning I know that company information (work time, contact name, phone number, company details, email etc) should be visible on home page usaually in the footer. Today I decided to browse some German online stores and must say that few of them were complying that. So there must be something like guide how to comply all the requirements and become completely legal.

  • @mockob You could try eg something like this eines rechtssicheren Online-Shops.pdf with Google Translate.

  • What you also can do is become a member of a trustmark, they test if your shop meets the regulations, and you are granted to show their logo on your shop after aproval.

    I have read that the most german trustmarks are very expensive, but there is a trustmark in the netherlands which also is certified for germany and they have very reasonable prices.

    You can read more at:

    When i build my shops about 15 years ago i just started and during the time i made them compatible to regulations. The above mentioned trustmark helped me well with it!

  • Hey guys, for exactly this purpose we had set up a special subforum in the German Prestashop forum. There you will find everything you need to know about this topic. Please read these threads carefully before you raise problems that have long since been solved elsewhere.

    I really can’t understand why “most themes” supposedly shouldn’t be compatible with AEUC. All themes written for PS 1.6 must contain the additional pages necessary for AEUC, which all end with … -advanced and thus also the necessary hooks, which replace the previous overrides that we had in EU legal up to Prestashop This is the acid test! Stay away from themes that do no contain these files.
    Well, AEUC is in some respects less comfortable than EU legal, where we even had individual delivery times per product (even if the delivery times are very different from the legal ones!), but in general it is usefull. Btw individual delivery times have now been realized again with Prestashop 1.7.3, but as a less practical solution.

  • Where can I get the AEUC module? I could only find a download link on github where the last commit is two years ago
    Is this the current version?

  • @30knees thanks for sharing above link! There is very useful information. Now I get it why I can’t find company information in the footer in most of the sites, it’s because of local regulation for electronic media and there is “impressum” instead, where all the information is provided.

    @Baarssen to get legally approved I should build my shop first according all the required regulations. It is useful information about those trustmark, I may use their services in future.

    @Occam I never found template which advertises itself that is working correctly with EU compliance module. And how could they when even the native theme doesn’t work. The custom theme I bought doesn’t work at all with the module but the developer kindly proposed his paid services to make native module to work with his theme …

    @marci123 the module could be found in the modules section in the back office, you just have to install it. And it is most probably the same one you found.

  • @marci123 yes, this is the latest release.
    @MockoB I don’t know where you were searching for compliant themes, but at Prestashop Addons we have succeeded in making sure some time ago that compatible themes can be searched by using a filter criterion “Advanced EU compliance”. You can find it in the layered navigation under “Included functionalities”. Currently listed 460 themes. Btw Transformer and Panda are among those themes.

  • Unfortunately my criteria when I was choosing theme wasn’t to be compatible with native modules … I wasn’t aware of module’s issues at that time either. I will keep it in mind with my next projects.

  • Das war natürlich jetzt nicht die beste Idee, eine komplett auf Englisch geführte Diskussion ins deutsche Unterforum zu verschieben. Wem ist das denn eingefallen? 👎

  • The question is concerning German online market, so I decided it is best place to ask. Sorry for writing in English, but you may answer in German if you like so.

  • Nee, die Frage betrifft den europäischen Markt, der ein bisschen größer ist als der deutsche. Genau genommen den Bereich der EU, der nicht deckungsgleich mit dem europäischen Markt ist, weil nicht alle europäischen Ländern Mitglied der Europäischen Gemeinschaft sind. Deshalb heißt das Modul auch AdvancedEUCompliance, weil es Rechtssicherheit innerhalb der Europäischen Staatengemeinschaft schafft.

    Nope, the question concerns the European market, which is a bit larger than the German market. Strictly speaking, it covers the area of the EU, which does not match the European market because not all European countries are members of the European Community. For this reason, the module is also called AdvancedEUcompliance because it creates legal compliance within the European Community.

  • @mockob said in Anyone with live store which meets eu law requirements?:

    The question is concerning German online market, so I decided it is best place to ask. Sorry for writing in English, but you may answer in German if you like so.

    No problem. Germany is always a bit more bureaucratic than the rest of the world (be it with legislation or regarding the language and forum of posting 😉 ). I don’t mind … 🙂

  • Sehr witzig! Gegenwärtig kann man zwar nur in wenigen europäischen Ländern empfindliche Strafen (via Abmahnung) bekommen, wenn man sich nicht an das geltende Recht hält ( ja, natürlich vor allem in Deutschland) - aber das kann sich in den kommenden Jahren durchaus noch auf andere Länder ausweiten.

    Very funny! At present, it is only in a few European countries where you can get severe penalties (Via warning letters from specialised lawyers) if you do not comply with the applicable law (yes, of course, especially in Germany) - but this may well spread to other countries in the coming years.

  • @occam said in Anyone with live store which meets eu law requirements?:
    only in a few European countries where you can get severe penalties (Via warning letters from specialised lawyers) if you do not comply with the applicable law (yes, of course, especially in Germany)

    I’m not sure that law will be ever that strict like in Germany in most other EU countries. For example reading of the law about cookies says in Bulgaria that it is enough to have the cookies mentioned in the privacy policy instead banner informing about them. And it is the same law here which we must comply with. No such thing as free shipping required. Such thing as impressum mentioned above is not even EU regulation I think. So there are plenty of differences which all aiming German market should be aware of.

  • @occam i understand this is the german forum. Thanks for writing also in english 👏🏻 If you did not do that than i could not have followed the discussion.

  • Deswegen hielt ich es auch für eine blöde (ist nicht böse gemeint) Idee von @MockoB, einen Thread mit nicht deutsprachige Teilnehmern ins deutsche Forum zu verschieben.

    That’s why I thought it was a stupid (no offense) idea of @MockoB to move a thread with non-German-speaking participants to the German forum.

  • @MockoB
    Ich glaube nicht, dass Bulgarien typisch für die Orientierung an der EU-Gesetzgebung ist.
    I don’t think that Bulgaria is typical of the orientation towards EU legislation.


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