What is going on with the forum?

  • What is going on with the forum? In a week I have gone from nearly 20 unread post to just 3. And that is not because I read so many.

    Someone is playing with the settings without explaining what he is doing. And I don’t find it an improvement.

  • I didn’t notice any change. When I logged in today. I had like 10 unread postings.

  • @musicmaster I thought is was just me, but i noticed the same change.

  • As far as I know @lesley is taking care of the forum software…

  • I haven’t change anything with it, maybe the post volume is dropping?

  • Maybe you’re spending some extra time reading messages in the forums 😛

  • Probably it doesn’t matter, but I was informed that my writings here are received as sarcastic. Which probably means inappropriate.

    Another person deleted all his writings, including the opening post, in a thread where I tried to help solving the problem at hand. Which is a kind of shyness me is not willing to deal with. I consider a forum not to be a gratis personal support service, I consider it to grow to a searchable resource helping people to help them selfs, so such deletions are kind of a slap into the face (instead of a ‘thank you, works now’ confirmation).

    Accordingly I moved to digest mode. Perhaps a couple of fewer postings because of this. Still writing code for thirty bees every day, of course.

  • Another probable reason for the forum becoming calmer is that many bugs got fixed, so people no longer have to talk about them.

    And yes, a perfectly well working software can eventually lead to a poor public reception. The Smarty maker found this out, too:

    People seem to assume Smarty is old and lethargic just because it has been around awhile.

    Source: https://www.smarty.net/

  • Exactly my feelings on smarty. A lot of the newer hipper developers think it is old and outdated, and slow. I think it is actually the fastest most stable template system on the market currently.

  • There have been problems with the forum post loading. You go to the page from the email alert you get and you have to reload or wait and scroll and repeat in order to see the latest posts.

  • @traumflug Don’t worry, I understand you.

    We need your help. Please don’t go away! I always thank whomever helps me.

    I’m officially thanking you now for everything you’ve done so far!

  • Off topic:
    @Traumflug I didn’t meant to hurt your feelings. As I told you I highly appreciate your help with thirty bees developing. But the author of that theme was asking question looking for help and in the same time he was sharing very useful information which not many merchants are aware of. Even more, the same person was one of the most supportive ppl on the forum and was helping the growth of the database with his knowledge. It’s not just me who found your “help” in that topic offensive it was the author and at least one more person reading it. You must understand that not everyone here are developers and topics you find stupid could be of great help for the most ppl in the forum. After all if there wasn’t merchants to use that software there wouldn’t be even such forum. And those merchants could not ask always academic questions you will like to see.
    Once again sorry if I hurt your feelings, just be less spleenful when you helping ppl. And thanks for your great support of developing thirty bees.

  • TB “it just works” like 🍎

    Or they fix it!

    @Traumflug if I missed a thank you or upvote along the way, here it is!

    Please don’t let the haters win keep posting, keep fixing!


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