Couple standard things most carts seem to not include in base.

  • 1 I think I saw another thread about it but closed the window by accident. On the catalog page or where ever a product list is displayed, products that have attributes should show those options above the buy now button or at least have the button say Select Options and products with no attributes can just shows Buy Now button.

    2 I had this module written for PS but there are a couple bugs in it and I didn’t bother to get the dev to fit them. Since I paid for the code if its usable go ahead and use it.

    Bascially what the modules does is each combination/attribute option can have weight and dimensions fields which are then available to the shipping modules. The reason I need this is because Canada Post gives much better rate quote when an item has dimensions and weight. For example say I sell a product that comes in 500ml, 1L and 4L bottle sizes. Obviously each option of the product will have different dimensions and weight.


  • About products with attributes you mentioned.
    Let’s say that product has 2 attributes: size and color. It would be nice that the user has to be informed to choose both options when he chooses “add to cart” button. It could be achieved when on the drop down menu isn’t selected attribute by default but something like “choose size” and “choose color” not next to the box but IN the drop down box. And if the client misses to select one of them to be informed about it and of course will not be able to add product to cart without selecting both or if needed more attributes.
    I don’t think it is hard to do by someone with the knowledge but I believe it will brakee themes compatibility. At least it is interesting to know if it is possible and how much will it cost me if I hire some developer to do that on my store.

    PS: it could be achieved also by adding to every product with attributes additional attribute without quantity which is default combination and by changing the message which appears usually to inform the client to choose attributes until he does …

  • Small modal pop up window to choose the options would be the best method.

  • Yes it is, but what if the attributes are already chosen by default like it actually is?


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