Ghost orders

  • Today i was surprised to get 2 ghost orders. The orders were made of test shoppingcarts which i made a few weeks ago. Both orders came through with a payment error.

    For the record i was not in the backoffice or at the frontoffice when i got these orders:

    I experienced this also sometime ago in 1 of my prestashop shops, and always when its a cart with my own testaccount.

    It never happened with real customers (happy with that)

    I couldnt find any error log what could give me a push why this happens. Both orders were carts(abandoned) about 2 weeks ago.

    Does anyone of you have an idea?

  • or any other module with automated bank transfer handling?

  • yes, mollie

  • Hmmz looks like the module’s behavior is to create an order regardless of the payment status. Not sure though. Have you contacted the author already?

  • Experienced something simular with Rabobank payment solution in PS in the past.

  • Payment modules need a ‘reserved’ status. I don’t see this change happen in the core soon, because there are too many dependencies, but we will be releasing a payment module template with the functionality. Hopefully we can make as many payment gateways follow these recommendations as possible.


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