Aligning text in Bulgarian

  • Hello colleagues, when installing and activating in the Bulgarian language, the site does not position the text in the normal form but moves the alignment from right to left.
    How could that be?
    Thanks.alt text

  • Excuse me, I found the mistake.
    By default, the Language was right-left
    I’m sorry

  • I’m just guessing but the topic is most probably connected with the rtl bug with Bulgarian language which is not solved in the last version of thirty bees. Just to clarify - Bulgarian is not rtl language.

  • @MockoB, sounds like you found and fixed the issue already. Could you create something like a diff or a patch? If Github is too complicated for you (they disallow adding patches to bug reports), patches to my Email are very welcome.

    The point of a patch is that a developer can simply apply it, without having to learn what’s going on. This learning curve is what consumes about 80% of a developers time.

  • I wish I knew how to do it @Traumflug, unfortunately I don’t. @mdekker applied the patch in 1.0.2 I think but it is not applied in 1.0.3, maybe I’m wrong but I know we discussed it some time ago, and with @yaniv14 also.

  • You never sleep @mdekker ? 🙂 I’m glad you fixed it.


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