<Solved> How to prevent “out of stock” emails from developer site when deleting unwanted products?

  • This is for my developer/ test environment:

    While testing various CSV imports as soon as I delete products I no longer need, I get “out of stock” email’s for every combination of the deleted product. Big waste of time. Thanks.

  • Try to switch off product’s stock management be4 del8ing it. This is strange though… Also i’d switch off appropriate option of email notification in the stock management page

  • I think the mail alert module is sending the out of stock emails.
    try setting it in the module configuration.

  • Just uninstall mailalerts on developer / test shop. Or disable mail sending in the Advanced Parameters -> Email section. Except if you want to test emails. This is good because if you have some data from your live shop, e.g. customers and orders, there is chance they will get email from one of the modules (same mailalerts if they can subscribe to get email when product is in stock again).

  • Thank you @DaoKakao @yaniv14 @innercode

    Thirty bees is great. As a merchant, many times I need details to accomplish my goal.

  • Thank you @DaoKakao @yaniv14 @innercode

    With your clues I finally found where to disable the out of stock email alerts. It also helped me discover buried treasure. :). It helped me find the locations of various options for sending emails.

    BO / Admin

    Modules and services

    Search: email

    Tap “administration”

    Narrow the list down by enabled and installed modules.

    Admin > Modules and Services > Administration > Mail alerts > Configure Mail alerts > Merchant Notifications > Out of Stock > I changed it from “yes” to “no”.



  • Here are the rest of the related screenshots:







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