Top links problem

  • The links at the top of my page Test Site aren’t the way I want them. I would like the login all the way to the right, and the contact, sitemap, bookmark all the way to the left. Can anyone give me ideas on how to accomplish this? The theme is based off the community-theme-default theme, just with modified css’s.

  • You can move the header links to the left by changing the css
    global.css line 4095
    remove or comment out the float: right !important
    .navbar-right {
    // float: right !important;

    then add
    #header-navbar { position: relative; }
    to your css

    and finally add
    #blockuserinfo-login { position: absolute; right: 0; }

    this should give you the desired position in the desktop view.
    You will probably have to adjust css for mobile views.

  • That’s not realiy working. As soon as you login, there are then two different tags instead of #blockuserinfo-login. Plus, like you said, it’s gonna screw up in different mobile views. I think header.tpl maybe needs to be reworked and the css. dunno…

  • Solved by theme update.


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