How to check product visibility in product template

  • I want to check the product visibility in the product template (product.tpl). In product class there’s the variable $visibility which stores a string:

    /** @var string ENUM('both', 'catalog', 'search', 'none') front office visibility */
    public $visibility;

    And I’ve tried to access that variable directly fron product.tpl with no success. Is there a way to check if a class variable is passed to the controller? Or what do I need to do to have that variable available in the smarty template?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks, Michael. I’m checking the string value like this, but it’s not rendering the p tag :S

    {if $product->visiblity == ‘both’}
    <p>visibility is both</p>

  • Oh, lol. Didn’t notice that one.

    Let’s mark this as solved then. I hope this is useful for somebody else.


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