Hi, Since last week, my dashboard statistic module suddenly stopped registering sales etc. It just shows a flat line since begin of january. I checked the error log and found this: [Tue Jan 08 15:04:55.418180 2019] [:error] [pid 24724] [client] PHP Warning:  Division by zero in /home/krachtshop/domains/krachtshop.nl/public_html/modules/dashtrends/dashtrends.php on line 326, referer: https://krachtshop.nl/admin1864/index.php?controller=AdminDashboard&token=0ee75e2a853bc1fa474b35028931db79   I checked and line 326 of that file is this:   $translation = $normalMin + ($compareDate - $compareMin) * ($normalSize / $compareSize); But I'm not to technical and don't know what to do. Can anyone see what's the problem of this error? Kind regards, Patrick