CVS Product Import - no "short description" header to match with

  • I have several single products that do not need combinations and want to get them online fast. I’m stuck:

    Is it there and called something different? Short Descriptions are a major component of the product information since they appear at the top of the page.

    Description is the full description that goes at the bottom of the product page.

  • I went to check how I imported the short description and got an error message on the product page. Once I get that figured out I will be able to tell you.

  • That would be wonderful.

  • If you have any ideas as to what went wrong with my back office overnight please help. I copied the error in a post in the general thread. :)

  • I looked at your post but have no idea. I hope it gets straightened out fast!

  • Me too! I want to transfer from prestashop but I won’t be able to if I can’t get on that page! Every other page is opening fine. The front office is working as it should. I haven’t changed the translations in the back office. I did change some things in the front office translations a couple of days ago, but nothing to do with products.

  • I was able to check my import and it was 31: Summary.

  • @jnsgioia Wow! Thanks!

    @mdekker can you please put on the to-do list to change “summary” to Short description on the CSV import page for products?


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